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230 Pension Funds with AUM of €1500bn                                            
The Netherlands has approximately 230 pension funds/Pension Delivery Organisations managing total AUM of well over €1,500bn*. 

A Consolidating Market: Fewer Schemes Managing More Assets 
The number of traditional pension funds has declined to roughly 200, with some assets shifting to new vehicles such as APFs (€12bn) and PPIs(nearly €10bn) . Overall, the number of pension delivery organisations is expected to decline further. Ongoing consolidation results in fewer institutions managing higher AUM. The top 100 now have combined AUM of €1,391bn**. Over 90 pension funds are managing €1bn or more:

AUM Figures Dutch Pension Funds per End Q1 2019                                            
    Top 25    > €8bn                                    
    Top 60    > €2bn                                    
    Top 94    > €1bn                                    
Key people                                            
The Dutch pensions sector employs roughly 15,000 of which 5,000 are key people/decision makers including CIOs, fiduciary managers and pension fund top executives.*** 
* €1,435bn in traditional pension schemes as per Q1 2019; €12bn in APF vehicles, €9.7bn in PPI vehicles and €46.1bn managed by insurance companies
**DNB figures as per end of Q1 2019  
***Based on Central Bureau of Statistics, UWV and VvV figures and estimates     

With nearly 18,000 monthly online users, over 8,000 paying subscribers and a total circulation of well over 15,000 Pension Pro reaches an estimated 90+% of the market and key players.    
80% of pension funds have outsourced all asset management. Another 14% have partially outsourced asset management; just 6% run the fund's money in-house. In all over €1,150bn is managed by third party asset managers. ****                                            

With mandates reviewed every 3 years, in any given year €400bn may potentially come to market.     
****Proprietary research December 2018
Please see graph below for an overview of the asset mix of Dutch pension funds over the years 2016, 2017 and 2018.
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