Print - Technical Specifications

Display Advertisements:
  • Certified PDF
  • A4 – W210mm x H297mm
  • CMYK (no RGB)
  • Crop marks
  • All images 300 dpi
  • Bleed 3mm
  • When supplying a PDF, the OPI settings must be switched OFF
Advertorials and Sponsored Commentaries:
  • 1 page: 600 words + 70-word contact details + 150-word disclaimer + small photo + logo
  • 2 pages: 1300 words + 70-word contact details + 150-word disclaimer + small photo + logo
  • Pictures, graphics, very long titles and/or stand firsts will affect word count. Please allow approximately 200 words for 1 graph and 330 words for a medium size picture.
Optional: Pensioen Pro can do the layout for advertorial/sponsored commentary at no extra cost. If making use of this option, please send material by copy deadline. If layout is done in-house, please send completed material by the print-ready advert deadline.

All material should be sent to
Notice for cancellation not less than one month prior to copy deadline date. We reserve the right to invoice for orders cancelled within this period.
Outsource your Advertorial: 
Clients can have their advertorial, sponsored commentary or sponsored interview produced by professionals selected by Pensioen Pro. We will put you in contact with a first class specialized journalist, translator and designer that meet all of Pensioen Pro’s quality standards.

  • 1/1 page (text + standard layout) €400
  • 2/1 page (text + standard layout) €600
  • Translation EN→NL €25ct per word