Virtual Events 2020

With the world in lockdown, institutional investment experts are looking for new and innovative ways to reach their target audience, even as the buy side is looking for guidance and insights. Pension Pro is introducing three new formats that help our supply side clients connect with key decision makers in the Dutch institutional market.

Pensioen Pro Live

General Information:

In a series of live webcasts, Editor in Chief (print & events) André de Vos speaks with buy-side and supply side experts on a range of timely topics dealing with investment issues during and post corona. The audience can actively participate and ask questions. Each live webcast episode will feature 3 guests: 2 from the buy-side and one from the supply-side. Supply side speaker slots are sponsored.


  • Participation Pensioen Pro Live, 30-45 minutes
    • Introductory rate (valid until 31 July 2020) €9,950 and for a set of two: €17,500
    • Regular rate €11,950 and for a set of two: €21,000
  • Subsequent sponsored 1-on-1 video interview, 15 minutes = €1,995


Included in the package:

  • Branding during live webcast and in video 
  • Sponsor included in online event campaign during 2 weeks preceding webcast for a total of 5,000 impressions Home Page Advertorial, 6,000 impressions HPU and 10,000 impressions Leaderboard plus 2x advertorial in Pensioen Pro newsletter (worth €3,970)
  • If applicable, the sponsored video is produced off back of live webcast and hosted on Pensioen Pro events page. The video link will be made available for use on for social media 
  • Video promoted for 2 weeks following webcast as advertorial on Pensioen Pro website with 5,000 impressions Home Page Advertorial and 2x via advertorial in Pensioen Pro newsletter (worth €2,250) 

Pensioen Pro Talks

General Information:

Pensioen Pro Editor in Chief (print & events) André de Vos speaks with industry leaders including as Theo Kocken, Peter Borgdorff (Healthcare Pension Fund) and APG’s Gerard van Olphen. PP Talks Videos run as editorial on the Pensioen Pro website and have high viewing rates by key decision makers in the Dutch pensions industry*. 


*Pension Pro Talks viewing figures over 2 week time period:

  • Ep. 1 Theo Kocken 1481 views - and youtube 460
  • Ep. 2 Peter Borgdorff 1143 views - and youtube 348
  • Ep. 3 Gerard van Olphen 493 views - and youtube 544


Sponsorship Pensioen Pro Talks = €950 per edition, €2,500 for a set of three


Included in the Package:

  • Branding in intro and outro to video
  • Branding consists of logo and message ‘made possible by’ incorporated in the video (billboarding at start and end of video)
  • Video including branding published as editorial on PP website 

Partner Webcasts

General Information:

Bespoke webcasts can be produced either in the form of a one-on-one interview or a host plus 2 speakers. Sessions are conducted remotely and video produced will run on the Pensioen Pro website. Details:

  • Bespoke sponsored webcast with duration of 20 minutes
  • Presented by an experienced presenter
  • Video session conducted remotely and professionally produced by FD Business
  • Topic and speaker can be determined by the sponsor


Sponsorship single webcast = €4,975 and €12,500 for a set of three


Included in the Package:

  • Video once featured as advertorial in Pensioen Pro Newsletter and as a home page advertorial with 5000 impressions on the Pensioen Pro website (worth € 1,500)
    Possible to prolong this campaign by buying more views.
  • Video can be used on the client's social media.

Note: Video hosted by client on their website