Investor Council - Climate Week - October 2020

Maximum number of delegates allowed on site subject to change in accordance with corona regulations.

General Information
Date and location: Monday 5 October until Friday 9 October 2020, both virtual as well as in person at the Hilton, Rotterdam

Conference theme: 
Climate Change: Investing in a different reality (Climate change and ESG)
Climate change and related issues, such as climate-change impact on ecosystems, have gained a new urgency and are moving financial markets, with some assets losing value while others offer new investment opportunities.  How can long term investors such as pension funds successfully make the transition and shape their ESG policies to fit a new reality? 
Climate Week Setup:

Kick-off (not sponsored)
Virtual kick-off, including short interviews with the main speakers


Pensioen Pro Live Special (sponsored)
Virtual workshop on impact investing with experts in the field


Pensioen Pro Live Poll (sponsored)
Virtual panel discussion and live poll: What can and should pension funds do to combat climate change? 


Corona-adjusted Day Conference (sponsored)
Venue can accommodate 75 delegates in a corona-proof setting, 25 per breakout session or workshop. Rooms are fully equipped to facilitate both on-stage and remote presentation (and any combination thereof)

  • On site event + Live streaming  
  • Max 75 delegates on site, no max. for live streaming
  • Max 25 delegates per break-out/workshop room, no max. for live streaming
  • Plenary sessions, workshops and breakout sessions are streamed live
  • Delegates invited by PPro but sponsors may submit wish list 

Overview Programme:

11:00 - 12:00 Workshops (three parallel sessions)
12:00 - 13:00 Registration & Lunch
13:00 - 14:15 Plenary session (a mixture of presentations, keynotes and panel)
14:20 - 15:20 Breakout Sessions (three parallel sessions consisting of 2 presentations each)
15:20 - 15:50 Break
15:50 - 17:30 Plenary session (a mixture of presentations, keynotes and panel)
17:30 - 18:00 Networking drinks


Roundtable Lunch (sponsored)
Roundtable discussion hosted by a Pensioen Pro editor. 

Please find a breakdown of the 2019 Investor Council below. 
Graph shows all 137 delegates that attended the conference.
The following branding opportunities are included in each sponsor package: 
Before the event:
Clickable logo on the event website (at the bottom of every web page, incl. virtual who-is-who)
Your speaker (incl. photo and short bio) on the event website
Your logo on all event marketing including ‘save the date’, invitations and conference programme mailings to our email database. 
During the event:
Your logo on delegate pack 
Your logo in the ‘Who is Who’ booklet provided to all delegates
Your logo in a logo loop in main conference hall
Optional unmanned stand for your brochures/sampling 
Virtual extra's:
Your logo on live stream of the event
Your logo showcased during event kick-off on Monday 5 October
You logo with the text 'Sponsored by' will remain visible at the bottom of screen during live streaming of your session
After the event:
Your logo on the presentation slides, which are sent to all registered delegates
Your logo visible on the recording of the live stream, available on the Pensioen Pro event website
Sponsor Packages Day Conference - Thursday 8 October
Workshop            € 19,000
Presentation (± 60 min) for 25* pension fund executives. Workshops take place before event’s plenary session and includes 2 passes (speaker + 1) for plenary session. 
Virtual extra: 
Your logo with the text 'Sponsored by' visible as billboard in the live stream before and after your session
Breakout Session        € 12,500
Presentation (± 30 min) in breakout session during afternoon programme. Interactive sessions for 25* delegates moderated by a Pensioen Pro editor. Includes 2 passes (speaker + 1) for plenary session.
Virtual extra: 
Your logo with the text 'Sponsored by' visible as billboard in the live stream before and after your session
Plenary Presentation        € 16,500
Presentation (± 20 min) during plenary session for 75* delegates. Your logo on the holding slides of the plenary presentations. Includes 2 passes (speaker + 1) for plenary session.
Plenary Panel Slot        € 10,000
Panel (± 30 min) during afternoon programme.  Includes 2 passes (panelist + 1) for plenary session.
*Number depends on the corona measures that apply at the time of the event.
Sponsor Package Roundtable Lunch - Friday 9 October


Included in Package:

  • Roundtable  (± 60 min) hosted by PP editor.
  • Participants invited at editor’s discretion
  • 1 exclusive sponsor
  • 9 Guests invited - Max 10 participants including editor
  • Chatham House rules: no video/live streaming